Cuomo advisers altered report on coronavirus nursing-home deaths

GALLUP: For first time, majority says COVID situation getting better

US new daily Covid cases at five-month low as nations try to hold off surge

Supercomputer shows doubling masks offers little help preventing viral spread

Cuomo accuser speaks out: ‘I was old enough for him and he was lonely’

Cuomo seeks to buy time amid scandals, turns to Clinton’s ‘never quit’ mantra

World News

Pope lands in Baghdad, beginning first-ever papal trip to Iraq

Swiss mull ‘burqa ban’ in vote centering on security, rights

Large quakes spark Pacific-wide tsunami alerts

Myanmar coup: Protesters, undaunted by killings, march again

Hong Kong court grants bail to 15 of 47 pro-democracy activists in landmark national security hearing

Space News

Dangers await humans on Mars as Musk sets sights on colonization

A nearby transiting rocky exoplanet that is suitable for atmospheric investigation

‘Demon’ asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower to zoom past Earth Friday

For The First Time, Organic Matter Crucial For Life Has Been Found on an Asteroid’s Surface 

Mysterious ‘red cloud’ seen off East Coast has logical explanation, NASA says


Archaeologists Solve Mystery of 5,600-Year-Old Skull Found in Italian Cave

Archaeology breakthrough as researchers discover William the Conqueror’s lost priory in UK

Humans Arrived in Northern Bahamas Earlier than Thought

Ottoman-Era Bath and Byzantine Doorway Found in Greece

Mayan royal palace find proved ‘previously unknown mega-society’ in ‘watershed clue’