Major European nations suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Brawl over members getting vaccinated riles Congress

Epic blizzard dumps 50-plus inches in Wyoming; Denver 4th-biggest snow ever!

Forensic experts question Tiger Woods crash probe after new finding

Bitcoin traders rival Wall Street as mania builds

4 in 5 Manhattan Office Workers Will Not Return Full-Time

U.S. News

Nashville bomber driven by ‘paranoia,’ FBI says

USA to house up to 3,000 migrant teens at Dallas convention center

3 dead, others injured when car plows into San Diego pedestrians

Two men arrested and charged for assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Derek Chauvin’s defense asks to delay and move trial in light of Minneapolis settlement with George Floyd’s family


Apple pulls the plug on the HomePod

Apple releases iOS 14.5 beta 4 to developers and public beta users

Almost a fifth of Facebook employees are now working on VR and AR: report

Virtual reality headsets for work ‘could snowball’

This water meter can shut off leaks before they cause damage


NCAA men’s tournament bracket revealed

Indiana Hoosiers fire coach Archie Miller after 12-15 season

Patriots signing pass rusher Matt Judon, DB Jalen Mills to four-year deals

Drew Brees Reveals Next Career Move After Announcing Retirement From NFL

Jets expected to be interested in Packers C Corey Linsley

Christian News

Vatican Says Catholic Church Cannot Bless Same-Sex Marriages

Investigation continues after ‘incendiary devices’ found near Brevard church

Chicago church rallies around priest after sexual abuse allegations

Community mourns after fire damages historic Kentucky church

Callers Claiming To Be Church Pastors Scamming Residents

Vatican rips gay unions, says God ‘does not and cannot bless sin’

Apocalyptic sandstorm turns day to night in Mongolia

Biden Eyes First Major Tax Hike Since 1993

Elizabeth Warren proteges spread through administration

Brees Retires After Decorated 20-Year Career

World News

Iran releases footage of Revolutionary Guards ‘missile city’ base

China building giant surveillance state

Navalny says detention conditions like ‘concentration camp’

Martial law imposed in parts of Burma city as deaths rise

First Spanish-made ‘narco sub’ found in Mediterranean warehouse

Space News

ISS Ditches 2.9-Ton Pallet of Batteries, Creating Its Most Massive Piece of Space Trash

After Sunday’s launch, SpaceX is on the cusp of a historic reuse milestone

NASA astronauts in space talk coronavirus and more with the CDC

New images from China’s Tianwen-1 at Mars

Researchers think a planet lost its original atmosphere, built a new one


Oscar Nominations

Glenn Close Receives Oscar

Billie Eilish won the Grammy she thinks Megan Thee Stallion deserved

Things Between Meghan and the Palace Keep Getting Tenser

Mia Farrow claims Woody Allen ‘weaponized’ adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn against her


Egypt announces new archaeological discoveries

Neanderthals helped create early human art, researcher says

Archaeologists shell-shocked by Iron Age party

Archaeologists prepare to make final attempt to unearth temple

Human skeletons from the Middle Ages found during archaeological work

Regular boosters are future, top genome expert says

Prison guards refusing jabs despite outbreaks

Yellen proposing global levy on multinationals

The four-day workweek some want to bring to USA

Israel unveils guided mortar system for future urban warfare


Second Sarkozy trial to probe lavish election spending

Fauci says vaccine hesitancy among Republicans poses big risk

Germany’s Greens look to be kingmakers in post-Merkel era

Associated Press mocked for reporting GOP ‘seized’ on Cuomo scandals to distract from Biden’s greatness

Kushner calls Biden move on Iran ‘smart’

Business and Financial

GOLDMAN CEO’s Year of Empty Offices, Island Getaways and Strife

Dow Jones Rises, Nasdaq Leads

US airline stocks rise on hopes for a travel rebound

Wells Fargo, Chase criticized over timing of third stimulus check delivery

Survey says Americans could spend up to $40B from stimulus on Bitcoin 

Good News

Pioneering Arthritis Treatment For Dogs is Rolled Out And Vets Call it ‘Groundbreaking’

Teacher left homeless by pandemic gets help after former student recognizes him on street

This Virginia restaurant is offering one free meal a day, no questions asked

Texas man donates 120 gallons of platelets over 37 years

Harrisonburg police seeking information on Good Samaritan


The Ancient History (And Benefits) Of Healing Stones

Author Pat Burchfield’s newly released “The Pyramid Conspiracy” is thrilling novel about the indelible influence of the devil in the world of mankind

Indian religious figure’s blasphemous act strongly denounced

Lucknow University To Now Offer Diploma & PhD Courses In Occult Sciences 

The devil in tarot: An explainer and collective reading