‘Oil for vaccines,’ offers Venezuela’s Maduro as Covid bites

Discarded Face Masks Killing Wildlife Worldwide

Chauvin trial represents ‘defining moment in America’s racial history’

Three Russian Ballistic Missile Subs Surface Through Arctic Ice Together

Cuomo Aides Receive Subpoenas in Sex-Harassment Investigation

U.S. News

Curfew, what curfew? Massive crowds of Spring Breakers in Miami

2 killed, one by police, and 8 others shot in night of chaos at Virginia Beach Oceanfront 

58 minutes of terror: How the Boulder shooting unfolded

Woman dies after being struck by car while chasing robbery suspects

;l;;gmlxzssaw: US Strategic Command posts bizarre tweet sparking hacking fears


Can AI Replace Human Therapists?

New warehouse worker robot can shift 800 boxes an hour

A.I. researchers urge regulators not to slam the brakes on its development

AI: Ghost workers demand to be seen and heard

US chip giant Nvidia to recruit 600 engineers in Israel to boost AI prowess


Four takeaways from the Sweet 16 

UFC 260: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou Highlights

US men’s soccer misses out on Olympics for third straight time with loss to Honduras

Dominant overtime helps UCLA secure spot in Elite Eight

Panthers’ Aaron Ekblad stretchered off the ice with leg injury vs. Stars

Christian News

Christian Professor Wins Preferred Gender Pronouns Case

GALLUP: Church membership dips below 50% for first time

Indonesia raids find explosives, militant suspects after church attack

Squirrel vandalizes Mackinac Island church, breaks antique crucifix

Historic Black church holds service in parking lot after devastating fire

UN chief criticizes wealthy countries for ‘stockpile’

WHO report says animals likely source of COVID

LIL NAS ‘Satan’ shoes stirs new political controversy

Classified US military war game set to take place

Boris urges caution as England takes first big step out of lockdown

World News

Russian newspaper fights on despite threats and attacks

Many Brazilians disregard pleas to stay at home

Paris doctors warn of catastrophic overload

Sandstorms turn sun blue and sky yellow in Beijing

Alliance of Autocracies? China to Lead New World Order

Space News

Strange, Distant Space Object Sending Out Ultra-Low Frequency

Search for Extraterrestrials Moves Well Beyond Mars

A remnant of a protoplanet may be hiding inside Earth

Scientists have measured the core of Mars (and found something unexpected)

Earth Impact From a Notorious Asteroid Was Just Ruled Out by Astronomers


Woody Allen Interview From CBS Will Debut on PARAMOUNT Plus

‘GODZILLA VS KONG’ sets pandemic record

Woody Allen speaks out about Dylan Farrow allegations

Dwayne Johnson reveals new ‘Black Adam’ release date 

ELTON JOHN Says He Recently Recorded ‘Something’ With METALLICA


Story Contracting helps archaeologists protect prehistoric site

Archaeologists identify evidence that medieval Jews in Britain kept kosher

Ancient coin from biblical Second Temple period discovered in Jerusalem’s Tower of David

Huge Bronze Age Spearhead Found – Rare Item Now on Display

Egypt inaugurates 1st archaeological replicas factory in Middle East

Health Care Workers Bragging About Forging Jab Cards

Ten states set to open shots s to all adults as cases surge

Historic, deadly flooding grips Nashville

Mysterious disease killing young California bears in Tahoe

Mexico admits real Covid death toll is 60% higher


Candidate accused of pandering after he transforms into cowboy for TX congressional run

DeSantis threatens to sue CDC if doesn’t lift ban on cruises

Dems could undo Trump policies faster, but they’re not. Why?

Path from Clinton to Biden takes U-turn on debt, trade, more

U.S. Diplomat’s Wife Was Social Media Star

Business and Financial

Global banks warn of possible losses from hedge fund default

VISA to allow payment settlements using cryptocurrency

News Corp to Buy Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Consumer-Publishing Arm for $349 Million

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket

Southwest Airlines agrees to buy 100 of Boeing’s smallest 737 Max planes

Good News

Software Exec Becomes ‘Garbage Guy’ Walking 12 Miles Every Day in D.C. to Pick Up Trash During Pandemic

Student with Down syndrome recounts his big touchdown run in high school game

Meet the 18-year-old who created clothing charity, collected thousands of coats

Son raises money to take his mom on trip of a lifetime

Dunkin’ customer in Ohio buys $4G in gift cards, uses them to buy food, coffee for every subsequent patron


Lil Nas X releases unofficial ‘Satan’ Nikes containing human blood

I Regret Taking My Pastor’s Advice, Woman Who Killed Mum Over Witchcraft Says

Nike denies involvement with Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ containing human blood

Satanists Go to Court Seeking Right to Pray at City Meetings