Virus Spirals in Europe

Italy makes shot mandatory for ALL health workers

Merkel urges Germans to celebrate Easter quietly

Palin Reveals Covid Infection, ‘Bizarre’ Symptoms; Urges Masks

Reversing Trump, Pentagon releases new transgender policies

As newspapers slide toward abyss, a bidding war breaks out

U.S. News

DAY 4 GEORGE FLOYD CASE: Final hours reconstructed

Private New Mexico camp preps to house migrant children

Border Patrol canine sniffs out drugs hidden in burritos

Truck carrying radioactive uranium compound crashes in NC

Cop resigns after video shows him slamming his K-9 into patrol car


Sex robot says ‘we are future;’ ‘Resistance futile’

Scientists Collect Human DNA From Air In Breakthrough

MICROSOFT wins $22 BILLION Army contract for augmented-reality headsets

Russia now requires all smartphones and devices in the country to have Russian software preinstalled

Casio unveils its first G-Shock smartwatch with Wear OS


Best Ever? NFL Prospect Pitts Gets Historic Hype

Police determine cause of Tiger Woods crash but won’t make it public without HIS permission

2021 MLB Opening Day

Five bold predictions for the men’s NCAA Tournament Final Four

Andre Drummond makes Lakers debut, leaves game after toenail comes off, Bucks win

Christian News

Pope opens final Holy Week services, skips Last Supper rite

Easter at the Vatican: Pope Francis faces second year of reduced numbers and revenue

Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Highlighted the Rifts in the American Catholic Church

Easter service options grow as churches grapple with awkward pandemic phase

Baltimore church resolves dispute with city health department after defying closure order for weeks

German intensive care association demands hard lockdown

Hollywood stars, art-world elite flock to remote Kenyan island

Gaetz runs the Trump playbook for scandal

Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny declares hunger strike

Billionaire Heiress Tinkers With LA TIMES. Staffers Love It

World News

Russian Armor Floods Toward Ukraine Amid Fears Of Crisis

Veteran Hong Kong democrats found guilty in landmark unlawful assembly case

Yemen’s Houthis say they launched drone attacks on Saudi capital

Europe’s see-sawing over AstraZeneca’s vaccine is stoking uncertainty

Iceland volcano: photographer runs away as lava flows towards him

Space News

1582 solar storm that caused ‘fire in sky’ could hit again this century

Dark matter could be made of black holes from the beginning of time

First X-rays from Uranus Discovered

NASA Begins Assembling Spacecraft to Study Enormous Metallic Asteroid

Asteroid Apophis won’t impact Earth for at least a century, NASA finds


COMPUTERS could soon write film scripts by analyzing popular movies

Netflix purchases ‘Knives Out’ sequel rights in massive two-movie deal

Mia Farrow issues rare statement on ‘vicious rumors’ about her children after Woody Allen docuseries

Royal thinks Meghan Markle was ‘wrong sort of American,’ biographer says

Paul Simon sells song catalog, joining trend of older songwriters


Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate

Down the Rabbit Hole: Bunnies in Wales Dig Up Treasure of 9,000-Year-old Artifacts

Discovery of Treasures Across Israel Heralds Rise of Islamic-era Archaeology

Archaeologists baffled over new Hadrian’s Wall theory that solves age-old mystery

1,500-Year-Old Tropical Parrots Found in Chile’s Desert Analyzed

Bailouts made wealthiest hospitals even richer

Epidemiologist predicts spike of dangerous variant in USA

CNN Declares ‘Not Possible to Know Person’s Gender Identity at Birth’

Life in new ISIS terror battleground Mozambique

Child among 4 dead in shooting at California office building


Biden faces few spending constraints

Biden unveils ‘once-in-a generation’ $2tn infrastructure investment plan

Biden’s economic plan calls for much bigger government role

Latino activists protest renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School after ‘oppressor’ Obama

As Cuomo Sought $4 Million Book Deal, Aides Hid Damaging Covid Toll

Business and Financial

Boston Fed Staffers Offer Road Map in Digital-Dollar Research Effort

If People Aren’t Bored Anymore, What Happens to Stock Market?

Billionaire at center of Wall St fiasco gave millions to evangelical ministries

Nation’s hottest housing market? Surprise, it’s Fresno!

Debt Up $1 Trillion in First Half of ’21

Good News

Stray Dog Kept Sneaking Into Dollar Store For a Stuffed Unicorn

Chef Drives 6 Hours to Vermont to Cook Her Favorite Meal—Soothing a Customer In Her Final Days

8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Breaks Girl Scout Cookie Record Selling 32,484 Boxes

Goodwill employee finds massive sum of cash in donation

Phoenix police save driver trapped in burning car, video shows


‘Healing’ crystals having pandemic moment

Nike gets restraining order against Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” blocking all sales

Man killed in Jharkhand on suspicion of witchcraft

Why Satanic Panic never really ended

Conversation with a Voodoo Priestess

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