Infection rates rise, but experts disagree on what to call surge

DELTA cancels 100 flights after staff shortages

DISNEY guest arrested for refusing temp check

Glenn Greenwald Bound and Robbed at Gunpoint in Terrifying, Violent Home Invasion

POLL: Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly Capitol riot

U.S. News

FL reservoir with millions of gallons of ‘contaminated, radioactive waster’ nearing collapse

Flurry Of Quakes Rattle LA

Cause of death at issue in Floyd trial as prosecution questions medical examiner’s findings

Crime rise not letting up in major cities

Meet Arizona’s water one-percenters


Scientists create online games to show risks of AI emotion recognition

Scientists show you can collect DNA from the air

All the data Google’s apps collect about you and how to stop it

Google Translate passes one billion installs on the Play Store

How Google Maps Will Determine the Best Route on Android and Android Auto


Gonzaga looking for history, Baylor hoping for first title as NCAA men’s basketball championship is set

Tiger Woods lauds Stanford after women’s basketball title: ‘What a win’

Bryson DeChambeau is ready to take another big swing at Augusta National

Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani ‘fine’ after limping off in fifth inning of historic start

Recap: Nuggets beat Magic 119-109 behind second half comeback

Christian News

Church congregation celebrates being reunited on Easter Sunday

St. Augustine church traces roots to Charleston on bicentennial

A Georgia church, kicked out of the SBC for allowing gay members, wants to make sure ‘everybody’s welcome’

Church takes Easter to Little Rock stadium

Low church attendance not necessarily due to coronavirus pandemic

CDC director walks tightrope on messaging

Everyone in England to be offered twice-weekly tests

Watchdogs struggle to oversee TRILLIONS in corona spending

Denver therapists secretly use magic mushrooms to help patients

Loose cow ties up interstate traffic for hours

World News

Iran arrests ‘Israeli spy’

In Nuke Talks, Familiar Cast of Characters Faces Fresh Problems

Palace turmoil, wave of arrests over plot to destabilize Jordan

Police in Dubai arrest group of women who were filmed posing naked on skyscraper balcony

Satellite images show huge Russian military buildup in Arctic

Space News

With Mini Helicopter On Mars, NASA Hopes To Reinvent Flight ‘On Another World’

Four astronauts took a Dragon for a spin on Monday morning

SpaceX Retrieves Piece of Debris a Farmer Discovered

NASA’s InSight lander detects two medium marsquakes on the Red Planet

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spies Movement of Shadows Near the Moon’s South Pole


News Outlet Sees Donations, Readership Jump After Quitting Social

Iran spy TV show ignites controversy for 2nd season

DMX is in a ‘vegetative state’ after overdose, family asking for prayers

Justin Bieber Shares Surprise New Freedom. EP: Listen

Lil Nas X spotted shopping on Rodeo amid ‘Satan Shoes’ controversy


San Antonio archaeologist proud to uncover untold stories of people who no longer have a voice

Fox 2 spotlights UMSL archaeology professor’s visit to ancient Egyptian mummy exhibit at Saint Louis Science Center

UAE archaeologists urge visitors to respect heritage sites after rock vandalism

Anatolian history, civilizations to be ‘traced’ in Ankara

Archaeologists find another Buddha statue at H’bag excavatio

Covid mutants multiply as scientists race to decode variations

Life in Israel’s Brave New Post-Pandemic Future

DeSantis spars with ’60 Minutes’ over vaccine rollout: ‘What you’re saying is wrong’

Culture wars strain once unshakeable bond between Republicans, corporations

AOC among most INEFFECTIVE lawmakers in Congress, according to study


Huckabee roasted for ‘racist and anti-Asian’ tweet

Republicans mobilize for showdown that will help define the Biden presidency

Inside Corporate America’s Frantic Response to the Georgia Voting Law

Cheney snags victories ahead of her next battle with Trumpworld

Hunter Biden convinced ‘reluctant’ Joe to publicly support his relationship with Beau’s widow Hallie

Business and Financial

Yellen to call for global minimum tax rate

Homes selling faster than ever as prices rise to record highs

Tesla shares jump 6% after first-quarter sales surge

GameStop stock dives after filing to sell up to 3.5 million shares

5 things to know before the stock market opens Monday

Good News

The Weeknd says he is donating $1 million toward Ethiopian relief efforts

Woman Uses Lockdown to Teach Her Clever Dog Math And Colors With Homemade Flash Cards

Overwhelming response to call for donations for Carolina Beach fire victims

Israeli Organization Breaks World Record for Kidney Donations

$1.2 million in donations from social media keep Roswell couple’s cafe afloat


‘Practicing witchcraft’ leads to arson arrest

Christian Leaders React To Lil Nas X And MSCHF’s Demonic ‘Satan Shoes’

Bhopal: Youth stabs ex-tenant to death for ‘practicing of black magic

It’s Time to Revisit the Satanic Panic

Heavy metal star takes on Poland’s anti-blasphemy law